For those who are diagnosed with mesothelioma, their prognosis is not good. Depending on the stage their cancer is in, they may be offered radiotherapy, surgery, and/or chemotherapy. However, they are also free to choose alternative and natural cures instead.

Promising Study Results

A number of natural treatment types, including mind-body therapy, massage, and acupuncture, have been clinically tested to determine whether they have a place in the treatment of cancer. Specific tests on mesothelioma patients have also been conducted. While no alternative therapy has been able to cure the cancer, many of the symptoms can be treated and the therapies can also help to lower the side effects of conventional medicine. Additionally, they can provide a significant improvement in overall quality of life.

The survival rates for mesothelioma remain very poor. However, they can be increased through alternative therapies. These therapies have been used for centuries and are often used as palliative medicine in today’s world. While many of these therapies are not backed by empirical evidence, patients and survivors alike swear by them. In fact, some 70% of mesothelioma patients use these types of therapies.

Let’s take a look at the X possible natural/alternative cures for mesothelioma cancer, listed alphabetically.

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture means thin needles are inserted into the body at specific points. Scientifically proven to relieve pain, it is a very popular treatment option. Many people with mesothelioma have benefited from it.

2. Aromatherapy

Here, patients are exposed to specific natural oils together with a bath or massage. These scents help to heighten someone’s mood. In so doing, pain relief is provided and better overall health is supported.

3. Art Therapy

This is a reasonably new form of therapy that does not provide any direct physical benefits. However, it has strong psychological advantages, as it helps people to express their feelings about their condition and prognosis.

4. Biofeedback Therapy

The is known as mind-body therapy. It is a holistic method that helps with pain relief. It is also very beneficial to combat the side effects of conventional treatments.

5. Bowenwork

This type of therapy helps people to relax. As such, it can lessen the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

6. Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care has been found to help people with pain relief as it helps to release tension.

7. Craniosacral Therapy

In this treatment, light touches the skull, pelvic, and spinal bones. It helps to improve body movement and reduce tension.

8. Dance Therapy

Dance therapy enables people to express themselves, while at the same having an opportunity to move about.

9. Feng Shui

According to the laws of Feng Shui, enhancing the flow of life energy, qi, through proper placement of furniture and materials, can help people feel better.

10. Healing and Therapeutic Touch Therapy

This is also a new type of therapy, but it is becoming very popular in patients with mesothelioma and other forms of cancers. It helps their bodies to relax and heal.

11. Health Coaching

Health coaching should be offered as standard to all mesothelioma patients. It will ensure they eat a healthy, nutritious diet and gain sufficient exercise to stay healthy and speed up recovery rates.

12. Herbal Supplements

Mother Nature is said to have given us everything we could possibly need in order to heal ourselves. As such, good quality herbal and nutritional supplements can be beneficial for the body. If nothing else, it will ensure that patients consume all the vitamins and minerals they need in order to be as healthy as possible.

13. Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a controversial type of treatment, but also a very popular one. It is often used in combination with conventional medicine. It should be noted, however, that one of the reasons why it is so controversial is because some people have started to use it instead of conventional therapy rather than alongside it, but this didn’t lead to any positive outcomes.

14. Immunotherapy

Various forms of immunotherapy are currently in clinical trial phases. Essentially, it means that a patient is injected with cells that help the immune system destroy the cancerous cells, or that stops those cells from reproducing. Some forms of immunotherapy have shown very promising results. As clinical trials are being conducted in the matter, patients who have received a mesothelioma diagnosis are encouraged to sign up for them. Even if it may not increase their own prognosis, they may provide information that will stop people from suffering from it in the future.

15. Hypnotherapy

It has been scientifically proven that guided hypnosis can significantly impact the reaction to other forms of cancer treatment. For this reason, it is being accepted as a form of treatment across the board.

16. Light Therapy

Light therapy has shown some benefits in terms of lowering levels of anxiety and stress, which can be beneficial to the overall psychological well-being of cancer patients.

17. Lymph Drainage Therapy

Modern medicine has a number of tools available to encourage lymph drainage. However, alternative therapies, which are usually equally effective and less painful, can also be beneficial. It is particularly good to help people better deal with radiation therapy or surgery.

18. Manual Therapy

Manual therapy helps to reduce anxiety and pain. Additionally, it gives people an opportunity to have fun, which is good for psychological health.

19. Massage

Massage is a powerful therapy in terms of relieving pain and providing general overall relaxation. There are many different massage techniques that people can use, including Balinese, Anma, and Acupressure. It helps patients to have greater muscle relaxation and overall happiness.

20. Meditation

Through meditation, people learn to, at least for a short period of time, not think about their illness. When the mind is not preoccupied, the body can focus on healing other parts instead. Deep relaxation is good for the mind, body, and soul. It helps to foster a positive outlook and to reduce pain.

21. Music Therapy

By being exposed to certain specific sounds, people have been found to experience relief from acute and chronic pain alike. It is very popular among mesothelioma patients.

22. Myofascial Therapy

This is a type of therapy that is proving very popular among mesothelioma patients as it can help them to reduce the pain associated with traditional and conventional cancer treatments.

23. Naturopathy

This therapy is very closely related to homeopathy, focusing on natural remedies and the body’s own abilities to heal. It is a holistic treatment that focuses on lifestyle changes, including diet, and encourages people to consume more minerals.

24. Nutritional Resources

The fact that a healthy lifestyle, which includes a good diet, is beneficial to overall health is no secret. The same holds true for mesothelioma patients. By eating a healthy, nutritious diet, they can find pain relief and an increased quality of life.

25. Osteopathy

Osteopathy helps to reduce fatigue and stress and can also be very beneficial in combating the side effects of chemotherapy in particular.

26. Personal Training and Fitness

A healthy lifestyle includes exercising. A fitness regime helps to keep the body healthy. Additionally, it releases happy hormones and lowers stress. Those who exercise regularly, even with mesothelioma, enjoy a better quality of life and improved immune system. Mesothelioma patients do have to register with a personal trainer who specializes in people with cancer.

27. Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is a very alternative treatment, but one that has been found to have tremendous benefits, So much so in fact, that pets are now very common in dental offices and dementia wards. Pet therapy has also proven to be very beneficial for people with autism. It seems that this is because they are soothing, nonjudgmental, and generally caring.

28. Reflexology

In this type of treatment, the feet are addressed. It is understood that all energies go to or start in the feet. By pressing certain specific parts through massage, people with mesothelioma can find a certain degree of relief.

29. Reiki

Reiki works on the energy of a body, specifically on chakra alignment. It helps people to deeply relax, which has been proven to be beneficial in improving the quality of life of someone with mesothelioma.

30. Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is similar to music therapy, in as such that both use sounds to provide relaxation and pain relief. Sound therapy, however, is less melodious in its approach. It does have the same relaxation and pain and stress relief effects, however.

31. TENS Therapy

TENS, or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, is used in many different conditions where pain is experienced, from mesothelioma to giving birth. The treatment helps to increase natural endorphin levels, which helps to reduce pain. Registered therapists can deliver TENS, although less powerful machines are now also available for at home use.

32. Yoga

Lastly, there is yoga. The ancient practice combines movement and meditation at the same time. It is an originally Hindu form of art that helps to make the body and mind act as one. In so doing, it helps to relax and provides feelings of contentment.