Are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of marijuana sites available on the web? It can be difficult to filter through the noise and find the information that you really need. If you want to find out more information about marijuana — whether it’s for consuming for health, cancer or simply growing — these are 25 of the best places to start.

  1. Leafly. Likely the most popular marijuana site on the web, Leafly is devoted to categorizing different strains of marijuana — and pointing its users towards where to purchase them, if it’s legal in their area. Leafly is open to reviews and also has educational blog posts about marijuana and the industry.
  2. The Cannabist. The Cannabist is a leading marijuana news website, which includes marijuana culture, reviews, food, and other resources. With a regular newsletter and highly active news and culture posting, it’s the perfect all-in-one resource.
  3.  Medical Marijuana Blog. The Medical Marijuana Blog specifically tracks information about medical marijuana, including state laws, dispensaries, and information about benefits and growing. For medical marijuana users, this is a solid resource — even including a medical marijuana directory and information on how to procure a medical marijuana card.
  4.  Toke of the Town. An information, entertainment, and opinion blog, Toke of the Town includes all of the information a marijuana enthusiast needs: medical information, culture, dispensaries, growing, and active legislation. This website is a good all-around resource for those looking for important marijuana news and insights.
  5.  Smoking With Style. A culturally savvy and information heavy blog and website, Smoking With Style includes a wide inventory of categories: smoking, vaping, bongs, stoner recipes, links and games, and more. Smoking With Style is a fun site that reviews products, gives legal information, and educates on marijuana use.
  6. THC Finder. THC Finder offers a marijuana blog, a finder resource, reviews, strains, and news information. The goal of THC finder is to help users find medical dispensaries, recreational dispensaries, delivery services, doctors, and deals near them. THC finder can also be used to browse the top strains that are currently popular, much like Leafly.
  7. 420 Careers. Are you interested in a job within the marijuana industry? 420 Careers makes it easy to find and post job listings related to jobs within the marijuana community. A valuable resource, jobs are separated between full-time and part-time and resume submissions are also accepted. A blog rounds out the information that is found on this site. 420 Careers has been highly publicized and job listings span the country, including listings for cultivators, budtenders, and marketing assistants.
  8. Growing Marijuana Blog. This blog is focused on preparations for cannabis, growing cannabis, and developing cannabis products. This includes ways on preparing cannabis butter, growing from seeds, and more. Informational videos round out the information for this blog, which is particularly valuable to legal medical users who are in states where they are allowed to grow medical marijuana in their home.
  9. The Weed Blog. The Weed Blog compiles marijuana news and information from across the web, summarizing the events of the day and promoting an array of marijuana events. With a variety of opinion articles and other useful information, it’s an all-around resource for those within the community.
  10. Marijuana Doctors. This important blog is designed to help those who need medical marijuana. Medical Doctors has information about how to find a doctor, the legalities throughout the states, the pending states, and more resources for finding medical marijuana and getting a medical card. Marijuana Doctors covers topics such as finding a virtual marijuana doctor and dealing with federal task forces. It’s the perfect resource for those who want to be aware of the laws surrounding their medicine.
  11. Cannabis Business Blog. Many companies are now going into the marijuana industry. The Cannabis Business Blog provides the information that business owner needs to get into the marijuana industry safely. This blog includes a lot of information about legal topics throughout the country, and also links to a variety of other legal sites. The Cannabis Business Blog covers topics ranging from taxation to regulations involving product recalls and pesticides; the nitty-gritty of developing a business within a highly regulated industry.
  12. MassRoots. MassRoots is a social community that is devoted to cannabis. An app and a website, MassRoots doesn’t just have an active blog with the latest marijuana information — it also connects legal marijuana users across the nation.
  13. NORML. NORML is an organization that’s dedicated to the reform of marijuana laws. Consequently, it’s also one of the best places to track new developments. On NORML, users can find information about marijuana, state info, legal issues, and current news releases. This tracks breaking news about marijuana legalization, such as when these issues are being voted on and the outcome of these elections. Through the NORML site, you can also donate, volunteer, act, and shop.
  14. The Stoner Mom. One of the most unique sites on this list, The Stoner Mom gives information about “mothering and marijuana.” Categories on the site include weed for beginners, podcasts, blog information, reviews, and more. It’s the perfect mix of entertainment, news, and advice for mothers who enjoy either recreational or medical marijuana. It also includes some recipes for edibles and information about topics such as dabbing.
  15. Canna Law Group. Lawyers are getting into the business of marijuana. Though they are based in California, the Canna Law Group is also very important for legal advice for anyone interested in marijuana and the marijuana industry.
  16. Pot Guide. Pot Tourism is definitely a thing — and this website outlines all of the information that you need to get started. Pot Guide covers Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada, giving tourists information about where to procure pot, how to stay save, and how to ensure that their trip is completely legal. PotGuide also connects to flight, hotel, and car rental information, and maintains an active marijuana blog about general purpose tips.
  17. The Joint Blog. The Joint Blog tracks news about marijuana, ranging from new studies and legalization. The Joint Blog also includes guest articles and miscellaneous information that directly relates to the current marijuana industry. This blog normally focuses on issues of law and medical marijuana, which includes information about medical marijuana treatments, ballots, voting, and polls.
  18. Hail Mary Jane. Hail Mary Jane is a marijuana-related entertainment site. Hail Mary Jane also has a regular podcast and a directory of marijuana-related businesses. An event calendar and store further rounds out this entertainment site. Hail Mary Jane is dedicated to the idea that stoners are able to be productive and happy and highlights some of the best of the community.
  19. Baked Life. Baked Life is another fun marijuana-friendly entertainment site, including strains, recipes, directories, and reviews. Baked Life also links to a variety of other marijuana resources available on the web.
  20. The Cannabis Chronicles. A slick and modern site, The Cannabis Chronicles covers strain reviews, introductory cannabis information, and information about local shops, legalization, and events. Run by a grower, The Cannabis Chronicles gives insight into the industry.
  21. Marijuana Growing. Marijuana Growing links to thousands of resources about growing marijuana, making it very useful for everyone from new growers to experienced growers. Videos, articles, questions and answers, and an active forum makes this a great resource.
  22. Mold Resistant Strains. This specialist site is devoted to reviews of specific types of strains, most of which can be grown outdoors. For legal growers, this website gives vital information about growing marijuana in large quantities.
  23. Marijuana Games. This fun website is designed to both offer information regarding marijuana as well as to entertain its users. With a variety of games such as Crop Defender and “Stoned” versions of classic games, this is a great stop for someone who just wants to relax.
  24. Cannabis Life Network. The Cannabis Life Network includes resources, reviews, editorial information, a gallery, videos, podcasts — a ton of multimedia information that is designed to keep cannabis enthusiasts informed and entertained. CLN covers information about marijuana throughout the world rather than just in the United States, like many of the other listed sites.
  25. Medical Marijuana Attorney Blog. This is another legal blog, but this one is designed to provide services and information for those who have medical marijuana. Medical marijuana still resides in a legal gray area in many locations and is even illegal in some other areas. Consequently, medical marijuana users may occasionally need information about whether or not they are breaking the laws and how their crimes could be classified.

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The Internet is absolutely filled with information about cannabis today, but don’t forget social media, too. Facebook has many marijuana-friendly groups available and there are even social networks being developed specifically for marijuana users.