Fortunately, residents of North Dakota have a comparatively low risk of asbestos exposure and disease. In fact, between 1980 and 2000, North Dakota had the lowest rate of fatalities from asbestos diseases in the entire country. This is due to a couple of factors. First, North Dakota has one of the smallest populations of any state. Secondly, North Dakota is a primarily agricultural state; and asbestos is not frequently used in agricultural operations.

Asbestos is primarily used in industrial operations, where this dangerous substance is added to products to make them more durable, heat and flame resistant, or insulating. Asbestos is commonly found in power plants, oil refineries, automotive production and repair facilities, construction, demolition and renovation sites, shipbuilding sites and shipyards, and other commercial and industrial workplaces. It can also be found in homes and other buildings.

Asbestos exposure risk in North Dakota

North Dakota’s numerous power plants, including the Coyote Station, United Power, and Stanton Powerhouse may all present the risk of asbestos exposure to workers and their family members (family members can be exposed to asbestos fibers accidentally brought on a loved one’s clothing or equipment). North Dakota’s BP Amoco oil refinery may also pose asbestos risks to those employed at this facility. Workers in facilities that have handled asbestos-contaminated vermiculite ore shipped from Libby, Montana are also at risk.

North Dakota and Asbestos Cancers

While North Dakota residents have a relatively lower risk of asbestos exposure, it is still possible for residents here to develop serious health problems associated with exposure to asbestos on the job, in the home, or in another environment. Asbestos diseases can take years or even decades to produce symptoms following exposure. Thus, a person may feel healthy long after exposure to asbestos only to suddenly develop symptoms of a serious disease.

Asbestos exposure can cause the following diseases:

  • Asbestosis: a serious but non cancerous disease of the lungs
  • Mesothelioma Cancer: a rare but extremely aggressive form of cancer that affects the tissues lining the lungs, heart, or abdominal cavity.
  • Asbestos Cancer: other forms of cancer such as lung, larynx, and esophageal cancer have also beel linked to asbestos exposure.

With all of these possible asbestos diseases, early detection is key to the best outcome. Those who have been exposed to asbestos in the past are encouraged to seek routine health check-ups to rule out disease, particularly if new symptoms have developed. Those who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma should contact the Mesothelioma Treatment Centers to learn about their legal options and find out if they qualify for financial compensation.

North Dakota Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

Altru Cancer Center
1000 South Columbia Road, P.O. Box 6003
Grand Forks, North Dakota 58206

Since 1977, the Altru Cancer Center has worked with the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center in Minnesota and the National Cancer Institute to offer the best cancer treatment and clinical trial research in the state. The research branch of this facility is called the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology. Membership with this Alliance provides doctors here with access to the best and latest information about advance in treating all kinds of cancer.

It also allows cancer patients to participate in clinical trial programs at the facilities. Patients here also have complete access to cutting edge clinical trials that test some of the latests and best new cancer treatment options.

When it comes to treatment, the Altru Cancer Center knows that cancer affects far more than just your physical body. That is why this facility approaches the treatment of cancer very differently. No matter which type of cancer you have, this organization has the ability and expertise to help you along your journey to good health. Here you will obtain education for all of your cancer treatment options and your treatment will be approached in a holistic way.

Experts in medical oncology will provide you with expert cancer treatment care in chemotherapy, hormone therapy and biologic therapy. These treatments can be used in addition to surgery and radiation therapy to fight cancer. The medical oncology staff will carefully review and monitor every patient to ensure that they have the best treatment plan for their individual needs.

MedCenter One Health Systems Cancer Care Center
300 North 7th Street
Bismarck, North Dakota 58501

The patients here always say that they are very comfortable and happy with the excellent cancer treatment and care that they receive. That is because the staff here knows that when the patient receives the cancer diagnosis, it is a very stressful and traumatic time for the family. It is very important to all of the staff to be your friend and ally in the fight against your cancer and to give you the peace of mind for the journey ahead.

Your own doctor can continue to provide care for you for your other health needs as you are receiving your cancer treatment, and after as well. This facility features advanced computer systems to ensure that they are using the same medical records for you as much as possible so that you do not have to have lab work and x-rays repeated.

Cancer patients here are able to have every need met for their cancer treatment because this is the only health care provider in the area with this type of comprehensive cancer program. Treatment options here span from surgery to radiation to chemotherapy, all of which are of the most advanced variety.

Potential cancer patients at this facility should know that the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons has given this facility full accreditation with commendation.

Legal Help North Dakota

If you have suffered exposure or cancer due to asbestos in North Dakota, contact for North Dakota Asbestos lawsuit information to learn more about your legal rights.