Numerous commercial, industrial, and residential operations throughout the Colorado have used asbestos, thus posing health risks to people who work or live near these sites. These include companies Conoco and Ultramar-Diamond, several power plants, and other industries that valued asbestos-laden products for their durability, heat resistance, sound proofing, and insulating properties.

Colorado Asbestos Problems

In Colorado, the problem of asbestos exposure is compounded by the legacy of the industries that once thrived in our state. For example, abandoned industrial and military sites are now being transformed into residential neighborhoods. Sadly, the remnants of asbestos products that taint these areas pose a major threat to the construction workers and other crews who develop these areas, not to mention the residents who then occupy these communities. This situation has and continues to affect the Lowry area and areas along the east slope of the Rockies.

Old mines continue to pose a threat as well. For example, Black Cloud Mine in Leadville, which has been closed for almost 40 years, continues to pose health threats since the company who owns it has not properly cleaned up its asbestos problem there. In other areas of Colorado asbestos still poses a threat because the cost of abatement is an issue for the owners.

Exposure to asbestos in Colorado poses serious health risks including the lung disease asbestosis and the rare but fatal cancer mesothelioma, which attacks the lining of the organs. Contact us to learn more about asbestos-caused diseases and the legal rights of individuals who have been diagnosed with such a disease.

Colorado Treatment Centers

If you or a loved one has worked in affected industries or has lived in an area with risks for asbestos exposure, it is a good idea to get regular health check ups. Fortunately, some excellent mesothelioma treatment centers and experienced doctors are available in Colorado. Please see below for a list of mesothelioma treatment centers in Colorado who can help.

National Jewish Medical and Research Center
1400 Jackson Street
Denver, Colorado 80206

Also called the National Jewish Hospital, the National Jewish Medical and Research Center has been voted the top respiratory hospital in the United States for the last 10 years by U.S. News & World Report.

The National Jewish Hospital brings the very best in cancer diagnosis, treatment and long term care and follow up for patients who either are at risk for developing lung or a related cancer, such as mesothelioma. As a patient here, you will the best access in the nation to cancer doctors who are strongly recognized as the best in medicine.

Lung cancer specialists at this cancer center are well known around the globe and offer many advanced cancer treatments and clinical studies focused on lung cancer.

This advanced cancer center has three main locations: the main campus in Denver, Thornton and Golden. At the main Denver campus, the focus is on the major cancers of the throat and chest. At this main center, the approach is fully multidisciplinary but it also is highly customized based upon the specific needs of the patient. This allows the lung or mesothelioma cancer patient to be seen by several cancer specialists who work as one unit.

At the other sites, all adult cancers are treated, and these centers also offer coordinated care as they work with the doctors and other staff in the Denver area.

University of Colorado at Denver Health Sciences Center

The Anschultz Medical Campus
13001 E. 17th Place
Aurora, Colorado 80045

University of Colorado at Denver Health Sciences Center is ranked by US News and World Report as the #1 hospital in the state. It offers the most highly advanced cancer care in Colorado, and is the only Comprehensive Cancer Care Center in the state as determined by the National Cancer Institute. This one of a mere 45 in the US, and means that the center has met the most rigorous standards for cancer treatment and research.

This top notch cancer center in the Denver metro area offers the best lung cancer care in the area. Patients here have access to the best, groundbreaking research and clinical studies. The multidisciplinary team here offers cutting edge treatments for two major types of lung cancer: squamous cell carcinoma and small cell lung cancer.

The doctors at this comprehensive cancer center also are renowned experts for treating malignant mesothelioma, thymoma and thymic carcinoma, small cell cancer in other parts of the body and chest sarcomas.

This NCI-designated facility brings together many outstanding cancer specialists – including thoracic surgeons, medical oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, social workers and nurses and more to oversee and review your patient case.

Because this is an academic medical center, many doctors here can specialize on only certain types of chest and lung cancers. This means that they have not only the access to new treatments, but are often one of the leaders in the world who discovered that treatment. This increases the likelihood that your cancer can be successfully treated.

University of Colorado Cancer Center
Anschutz Cancer Pavilion
1665 N. Ursula Street, PO Box 6510
Aurora, Colorado 80045

University of Colorado Cancer Center
Division of Medical Oncology
12801 E. 17th Avenue
Aurora, Colorado 80010

University of Colorado Cancer Center
Mesothelioma Treatment Section
Karen Kelly, MD
4200 E. 9th Ave., B-158
Denver, Colorado 80262

University of Colorado Cancer Center Department of Medical Oncology
Mesothelioma Treatment Section
Fred Hirsch, MD, PhD
1665 North Ursula St.
Aurora, CO 80010

Legal Help Colorado

If you have suffered exposure or cancer due to asbestos in Colorado, contact for Colorado Asbestos lawsuit information to learn more about your legal rights.