Officials report that over 60 counties in Arkansas have recorded mesothelioma cancer fatalities in the last 30 years.

Arkansas is home to several industries that have a long history of using asbestos, exposure to which can lead to serious health problems including mesothelioma cancer. Asbestos using or producing electric plants and oil companies are common throughout Arkansas, and are primarily located in and around the areas of Fayetteville, Jonesboro, Pine Bluff, and Little Rock. Furthermore, asbestos occurs naturally in the areas of Hot Springs and Russellville.

Asbestos Exposure in Arkansas

In addition to the natural and industrial sites of Arkansas asbestos exposure, homes are also a source of potential exposure to asbestos. Once praised for its fireproofing and insulating properties, asbestos containing products were long valued by homeowners and construction companies. Asbestos siding, roofing, flooring, and insulation, for example, were widely used throughout Arkansas before their dangers were known.

Asbestos exposure via any of these sources can lead to serious injury and illness, including the lung disease asbestosis and the fatal cancer mesothelioma. If you or a loved one has been exposed to asbestos in Arkansas and have developed lung problems or other symptoms, even years after exposure, you may wish to contact a qualified Arkansas mesothelioma treatment center.

Arkansas Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute
4301 W. Markham St. #623
Little Rock, AR 72205

The Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute is the only comprehensive cancer treatment and research facility in the state. The staff of this unique cancer institute, which includes doctors, nurses, researchers and many other health care professionals, is completely devoted to improving the health of all cancer patients in this state and around the world.

All of the patients here receive only the best and latest in cancer treatments; the patients are receiving care just minutes from the research labs where scientists work every day to advance cancer treatment.

The institute is named in honor of the former Governor Winthrop Rockefeller, who died of cancer. In the summer of 2010, this cancer institute celebrated the opening of a 12 story expansion so that it can now serve thousands of cancer patients per year. This new facility is bright and airy, and is designed to promote comfort, convenience and healing for patients.

Central Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute (CARTI)
P.O. Box 55050
Little Rock, AR 72215

For almost 40 years, CARTI has focused all of its efforts on fighting the scourge of cancer. It delivers the most advanced forms of cancer treatment in the world in a highly compassionate and very patient-focused environment.

The mission of CARTI is to promote the very best, high quality cancer treatment, and to improve knowledge in cancer research. The team of high quality oncologists and diagnostic radiologists works hand in glove with the staff to provide patients with many cancer treatment options in one network of highly coordinated care. Some of the cancer treatment services offered here include:

  • Diagnostic radiology
  • Surgical oncology
  • Oncology and hematology
  • Radiation therapy

This innovative cancer treatment center provides cancer treatments for more than 22,000 patients annually throughout the state. While the center focuses its efforts on providing the best treatments, it also strives to remove much of the fear and uncertainty from cancer treatment and diagnosis with its Ray of Hope Patient Assistance Program. This provides many supportive services that cancer patients need.

If you have suffered exposure or cancer due to asbestos in Arkansas, contact for Arkansas Asbestos lawsuit information to learn more about your legal rights.