Mesothelioma patients may benefit from whole grains in their diet, before or during mesothelioma treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Whole grains (the whole, entire kernel of grains such as wheat, oats, barley, rye, etc.) are full of:

  • minerals
  • vitamins
  • antioxidants
  • fiber

Choose Whole-Grain Foods for Mesothelioma Patients

Processed, nutrient sparse refined grain products are made of only part of one or more grains, and they don’t have the same high level of nutritional value as whole grains. Mesothelioma patients need all the nutrients they can get in their diet, and therefore when there’s a choice to be made between whole grain products and refined grain products, the whole grains should be chosen.

Many Benefits of Whole Grains

The many proven nutritional benefits of whole grains include their ability to help:

  • keep blood sugar and insulin levels under control
  • move carcinogens and other toxins through the intestines, and
  • lower the risk of heart disease

Lower Death Rates, Lower Premature Death Rate

The benefits of whole grains have been confirmed by many studies. For example, about 34,000 women in Iowa between the ages of 55 and 69 were studied over a period of many years, starting in 1986. Dr. David Jacobs of the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, the study’s lead author, reported a significantly lower death rate from all causes among the women who regularly ate whole-grain foods compared to those whose diet consisted of little or no whole grains.

In addition, Dr. Jacobs noted that the rate of premature death is 15 –20 percent lower among people who regularly eat whole-grain products.

If you or a loved one are suffering from mesothelioma and are trying to provide the best possible mesothelioma diet, learn more about whole grains by talking to a nutritionist — perhaps at the healthcare facility where you or your loved one is undergoing care. For more information and resources surrounding mesothelioma foods, treatments and other resources, please contact Mesothelioma Treatment Centers today.