An “alternative” mesothelioma treatment, flaxseed (and flaxseed oil) has been studied for its potential benefits in combating Parkinson’s disease, arthritis asthma and atherosclerosis (clogging of the arteries). Mesothelioma patients may also benefit from flaxseed’s many beneficial components, which include:

  • alpha-linolenic acid (LNA), a fatty acid in flaxseeds that is essential but is not synthesized by the human body
  • omega-3 fatty acids
  • antioxidants
  • fiber (soluble and insoluble) — which can relieve a mesothelioma patient’s constipation and/or soften the stools
  • magnesium and other trace minerals

Flaxseed Has Many Health Benefits

As a crop, flaxseed has existed for at least 4,000 years, and the health benefits of flaxseed have been known for many decades. For an individual dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy, post-surgery recovery, radiation therapy or mesothelioma symptoms, flaxseed in the diet may help:

  • keep the heart healthy
  • lower blood pressure
  • lower cholesterol levels
  • lower triglycerides
  • prevent or slow down clogging of the arteries (atherosclerosis)

The LNA in flaxseed can be converted by the body into eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), a very beneficial oil that helps reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Adding Flaxseed to the Diet

The diet regimen of a patient with mesothelioma can easily be modified to include flaxseed, in ways such as:

  • sprinkling flaxseeds over cereal or ice cream
  • adding flaxseeds to salads, smoothies
  • mixing flaxseeds with cottage cheese
  • using flaxseed oil on toast, vegetables, and in salads
  • substituting flaxseed for fat or eggs in recipes
  • adding milled or whole flaxseeds to bread or muffin recipes

Learn More about Mesothelioma and Flaxseed’s Benefits

If you’re a caregiver for someone with mesothelioma, or if you are suffering from the asbestos cancer yourself, contact Mesothelioma Treatment Centers today to learn more about flaxseed and other cutting edge mesothelioma treatments. We can provide you medical, nutritional and legal resources to help you in your battle against mesothelioma.