Mesothelioma memorial scholarships are available from several organizations and educational institutions. Millions of dollars’ worth of scholarships are offered every year in the United States to aspiring scholars of every age and in a dizzying array of study areas. Mesothelioma memorial scholarships comprise just a small part of the scholarship panorama, but they serve an excellent dual purpose —

  • They help a qualified student meet his or her expenses in college or another educational institution, and
  • They honor one or more people who have died from mesothelioma cancer (a terrible, debilitating cancer)

Keeping the Memory of a Loved One Alive

A memorial scholarship is a wonderful way to keep the memory of a loved one, a friend, or an esteemed colleague alive, as it provides a gift (the financial aid) that is usually renewed each year to another student.

A mesothelioma memorial scholarship honors the memory of an individual who was struck down by this lethal disease. The sole confirmed cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral that is extremely toxic if ingested.

Mesothelioma Memorial Scolarships for People from All Walks of Life

Every year in the U.S., some 2,000 more people are diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer — men and women of all ages, from hundreds of different professions, including:

  • auto mechanics
  • insulation installers
  • plumbers
  • electricians
  • military veterans (especially Navy veterans)
  • employees at asbestos mines and factories
  • housewives, who are exposed to toxic asbestos fibers brought home on their husbands’ work clothing

Set Up a Mesothelioma Memorial Scholarship Today

If you have a colleague, friend or family member who died of mesothelioma, contact mesothelioma centers to learn how to set up a mesothelioma memorial scholarship. Our asbestos attorneys represent victims of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. They will be happy to help you cherish the memory of someone close to you in such a meaningful way.