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History of Asbestos in Idaho

Idaho is a rural state, meaning it is known mostly for its agricultural and technological industries. Although the state is not known for industry, it does contain some naturally-occurring asbestos deposits, including the former Kamiah deposit, which was the state’s only producing mine. Other non-producing mines can be found in Clearwater County and Adams County.

In addition to the naturally occurring asbestos in the state, Idaho business did bring some industrial asbestos into the state. For example, factories such as the Pacific Lumber Company, Micron Technology and Cascade Corporation were known for using asbestos products.

Other Idaho businesses responsible for exposing workers to the effects of asbestos include:

  • Construction companies that used asbestos insulation and other building materials
  • Painting companies that used asbestos in the paint
  • Factories and companies that used asbestos in the machinery
  • Auto shops that repaired asbestos-laden brakes, gaskets and other parts

Occupational and Environmental Asbestos Risks in Idaho

The US Geological Survey has identified several sites in this state where there are naturally occurring deposits of asbestos. The majority of these deposits are in the panhandle region. Idaho is also the location of the Orofino Creek asbestos deposit, and also the the Teakean deposit.

There also are deposits of talc, magnesite and iron oxide. When those areas were mined, it is possible that asbestos fibers may have been released into the air. Further, asbestos in a natural state can release fibers into the air as the rock is weathered over time.

Many miners in this state may have been exposed over the years, and other jobs in the state could have placed many workers at risk for asbestos exposure. With such a strong science industry in ID, as well as many chemical plants and technology factories, other companies may have exposed workers to asbestos fibers. These companies include Monsanto Chemical Plant and Idaho Chemical.

Power plants in the state, such as the hydro power plant at Pocatello could have contained asbestos containing ore as well.

Idaho Jobsites With Known Asbestos Exposure Problems

Monsanto has been named in several lawsuits, totalling more than 550 since 2003, with many of these involving asbestos and other dangerous substances. The sites in parts of Utah, including Soda Springs and Filer were not named in those suits specifically, but workers at those sites could theoretically been exposed over time.

Also, the Western Equipment Company is another site in the state where exposure to asbestos has been a problem. A former forklift mechanic and equipment salesperson also filed an asbestos lawsuit here in 2011.

Other victims of asbestos exposure in Idaho have turned to the justice system to obtain compensation for injuries allegedly caused by asbestos. In March 2007, an Idaho jury awarded $35 million to John Davis and his wife after it found that the negligence of two employers led to the man’s mesothelioma. He worked from 1951 until 1955 in the US Navy and he also suffered asbestos exposure at Shell Oil Company from 1956 until 1963.

Two of the defendants in the case sold valves and pump components to the companies that employed Davis. Those companies were Leslie Controls and Warren Pumps LLC.

In the end, the state of California ended up reducing the size of the award, but the Davis’ still walked away with several million dollars of damages.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Idaho

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