Those who have worked in or around submarines have likely been the victims of asbestos exposure, which can result in serious and even fatal diseases, including mesothelioma cancer. Due to their closed quarters, submarines pose an even more serious threat of asbestos exposure compared to more open sea vessels. Despite its risks, asbestos has been used extensively in all submarine construction and maintenance operations, including fireproof materials, boiler rooms, gaskets, engine rooms, piping, flooring, and more.

What are submarines?

Submarines, also referred to more generally as boats, are watercrafts that are able to operate below water independent of other crafts. While the term submarine often refers to large manned vessels, the term is also used for small and medium sized submersible vessels. All of these submarines pose the threat of asbestos exposure to those that have built, constructed, repaired, maintained, and otherwise worked on submarines.

Submarines and Asbestos exposure

Asbestos exposure is a virtually unavoidable occupational hazard for all those who have or currently work on or around submarines. Asbestos has been used extensively on submarines and other ships for the last century, though use has decreased since the risks of asbestos exposure reached the public in the mid-70s. Asbestos exposure poses the threat of serious health consequences, including asbestos cancer, such as mesothelioma and lung cancer, and asbestosis. These asbestos cancers and diseases can develop years or even decades following asbestos exposure on submarines.

List of submarines with asbestos exposure:

USS Albacore SS 218

USS AmberJack SS 219

USS Angler SS 240

USS Apogon SS 308

USS Archer-fish SS 311

USS Argonaut-SM-1

USS Argonaut SS 475

USS Aspro SS 309

USS Atule SS 403

USS Balao SS 285

USS Bang SS 385

USS Barbel SS 316

USS Barbero SS 317

USS Barb SS 220

USS Barracuda SS 163

USS Bashaw SS 241

USS Bergall SS 320

USS Besugo SS 321

USS Billfish SS 286

USS Blackfin SS 322

USS Blackfish SS 221

USS Blenny SS 324

USS Blower SS 325

USS Blueback SS 326

USS Bluefish SS 222

USS Bluegill SS 242

USS Boarfish SS 327

USS Bonefish SS 223

USS Bonita SS 165

USS Bowfin SS 287

USS Bream SS 243

USS Brill SS 330

USS Bugara SS 331

USS Bullhead SS 332

USS Bumper SS 333

USS Burrfish SS 312

USS Cabezon SS 334

USS Carbonero SS 337

USS Hake SS 0001

USS Hammerhead SS 0002

USS Harder SS 0003

USS Hardhead SS 0004

USS Hawkbill SS 0005

USS Herring SS 0006

USS Hoe SS 0007

USS Icefish SS 0008

USS Jack SS 0009

USS Jallao SS 0010

USS Kete S 0011

USS Kingfish SS 0012

USS Kraken SS 0013

USS Lagarto SS 0014

USS Lizardfish SS 0015

USS Loggerhead SS 0016

USS Macabi SS 0017

USS Mackerel-204-0018

USS Manta SS 0019

USS Mapiro SS 0020

USS Marlin SS 0021

USS Mingo SS 0022

USS Moray SS 0023

USS Muskallunge SS 262

USS Narwhal SS 263

USS Nautilus-ss-0024

USS Paddle SS 167

USS Pampanito SS 383

USS Parche SS 384

USS Pargo SS 264

USS Perch SS 176

USS Permit SS 178

USS Peto SS 265

USS Pickerel SS 177

USS Picuda SS 382

USS Pike SS 173

USS Pilotfish SS 386

USS Pintado SS 387

USS Pipefish SS 388

USS Pirahna SS 389

USS Plaice SS 390

USS Plunger SS 179

USS Pogy SS 266

USS Pollack SS 180

USS Pomfret SS

USS Pompano SS 181-0025

USS Pompon SS 267-0026

USS Porpoise SS 172-0027

USS Puffer SS 268-0028

USS Queenfish SS 393-0029

USS Quillback SS 424-0030

USS Rasher SS 269-0031

USS Raton SS 270-0032

USS Ray SS 271-0033

USS Razorback SS 394-0034

USS Redfin SS 272-0035

USS Redfish SS 395-0036

USS Robalo SS 273-0037

USS Rock SS 274-0038

USS Ronquil SS 396-0039

USS Runner SS 275-0040

USS Runner SS 476-0041

USS S-1 SS 105-0042

USS S-20 SS 125-0043

USS S-46 SS 157-0044

USS Sailfish SS 192

USS Salmon SS 182

USS Sand Lance SS 381

USS Sargo SS 188

USS Saury SS 189

USS Sawfish SS 276

USS Scabbardfish SS 397

USS Scamp SS 277

USS Scorpion SS 278

USS Sculpin SS 191

USS Sea Cat SS 399

USS Sea Devil SS 400

USS Sea Dog SS 401

USS Seadragon SS 194

USS Sea Fox SS 402

USS Seahorse SS 304

USS Sealion SS 195

USS Seal SS 183

USS Sea Owl SS 405

USS Sea Poacher SS 406

USS Searaven SS 196

USS Sea Robin SS 407

USS Seawolf SS 197

USS Segundo SS 398

USS Sennet SS 408