Asbestos exposure is a widespread occupational hazard to virtually all those who have or currently work on and around battleships. Navy veterans and those who currently perform labor on battleships, are at an increased risk of asbestos cancer, caused by exposure to this dangerous material found throughout battleships.

What are battleships?

During the wars of the past century, battleships, also referred to as “capital ships,” were the strongest, most heavily armored, and most important watercrafts used during conflicts. Battleships, which often harbored additional ships such as aircraft carriers, played a significant role in the dominant military strategies of the 20th century. Thousands upon thousands of honorable men and women worked on battleships, dedicating their labor, and sometimes their lives, to the protection of our nation.

Unfortunately, one tragic and unnecessary price paid by these heroic hard workers was exposure to lethal toxic materials, including asbestos, later on developing mesothelioma cancer.

What is asbestos exposure on battleships?

Asbestos is a material widely used on battleships throughout the 20th century and even today. Asbestos, widely touted for its heat-resistant, soundproofing, and insulating properties, was used in virtually all parts of the construction and maintenance of battleships. In fact, over 300 products containing asbestos have been used by the military on battleships, including boiler rooms, engine rooms, gaskets, piping, insulation, flooring, plumbing and more.

Asbestos exposure on battleships has resulted in the suffering and death of hundreds of people who have labored to maintain these ships and serve their nation. Asbestos exposure, a virtually unavoidable risk to all those who have worked on battleships, increases the risk of a rare but deadly asbestos cancer known as mesothelioma. This cancer can develop years or even decades after the original asbestos exposure.

List of battleships with asbestos exposure:

USS Alabama

USS Arizona BB 39

USS Arkansas BB 33

USS California BB 44

USS Colorado BB 45

USS Idaho BB 42

USS Indiana

USS Iowa BB 61

USS Maryland BB 46

USS Massachusetts BB 59

USS Mississippi BB 41

USS Missouri BB 63

USS Nevada BB 36

USS New Jersey BB 62

USS New Mexico BB 40

USS New York BB 34

USS North Carolina BB 55

USS Oklahoma BB 37

USS Pennsylvania BB 38

USS South Dakota BB 57

USS Tennessee BB 43

USS Texas-BB 35

USS Utah BB 31

USS Washington BB 56

USS West Virginia BB 48

USS Wisconsin BB 64