People who have dedicated years of their lives and labor to the nation working on aircrafts have tragically and unnecessarily been the victims of asbestos exposure. Asbestos exposure on aircraft carriers and other ships greatly increases the risk of developing a serious and fatal asbestos cancer, called mesothelioma. Moreover, asbestos exposure on aircraft carriers increased the risk of numerous health problems, which can develop years or even decades after work in or around aircraft carriers.

What are aircraft carriers?

Aircraft carriers have been used extensively throughout all the major US wars of recent history. Enabling and augmenting military air operations via sea vessel, aircraft carriers are responsible for deploying and recovering aircrafts. Because aircraft carriers lack the firepower of other ships, they often travel as part of a carrier battle fleet. Unfortunately, both aircraft carriers, and other crafts with which they travel, present serious occupational asbestos exposure hazards to those who construct, maintain, repair, and demolish aircraft carriers and their aircrafts.

Asbestos exposure on aircraft carriers

Asbestos exposure on aircraft carriers is an undeniable hazard that threatens the health and lives of all those who have worked on these sea-going vessels over the last 100 years. Asbestos is a heat-resistant, fireproofing, soundproofing and insulating material that was used extensively on aircraft carriers. Though the risks associated with this material have been long known, the military and private operations chose to use this product despite the serious hazards of asbestos exposure to humans.

Asbestos exposure on aircraft carriers has the proven effect of causing serious injury, including asbestos cancer, medically known as mesothelioma. This asbestos cancer and other related diseases can develop years or even decades after asbestos exposure on aircraft carriers.

List of Aircraft Carriers with Asbestos Exposure:

USS America

USS Antietam CV 36 K

USS Antietam CV 36

USS Badoeng Strait CVE 116

USS Bairoko CVE 115

USS Bairoko CVE 115

USS Belleau wood CVL 24

USS Bennington CV 20

USS Bon Homme Richard CVa

USS Boxer CV

USS Bunker CV

USS Cabot CVL 28

USS Constellation CV

USS Coral Sea CV

USS Corregidor CVE 58

USS Sable ix

USS San jacinto CVL

USS Saratoga CV

USS Saratoga CV3

USS Shangri La

USS Cowpens CVL 25

USS Enterprise CV 6

USS Enterprise CVN

USS Essex CV 9

USS Forrestal CV

USS Franklin CV 13

USS Hancock CV 19

USS Hornet CV 12

USS Hornet CV 8

USS Independence C1

USS Independence CVL 22

USS Intrepid CV 11

USS Kearsage CV 33

USS Kearsage CV

USS Kitty Hawk

USS Sicily CVe

USS Sitkoh bay

USS Tarawa CV

USS Ticonderoga CV

USS Valley forge CV

USS Lake Champlain CV 39

USS Langley CV 1

USS Langley CVL 27

USS Lexington CV 16

USS Lexington CV 2

USS Leyte CV 32

USS Midway CV

USS Oriskany CV

USS Phillipine Sea CV

USS Point cruz CVE

USS Princeton CV

USS Princeton CVL

USS Randolph CV

USS Ranger CV

USS Rendova

USS Wasp CV 18

USS Wasp CV 7

USS Wolverine IX 64

USS Yorktown CV 10

USS Yorktown CV 5